Saturday, 6 August 2016

*NEW* Ocean Isle Collection @ My Memories

Imagine you are on an ocean isle...surrounded by nothing but water and sunshine. An escape from reality; from the real world; from the daily grind; from loneliness. Without having to worry about a thing. Nothing can touch you. Everything is perfect. I'm thinking The Maldives. Such perfect heaven.
That's what you get in this gorgeous summery collection "Ocean Isle". A break from reality. Something to capture your perfect memories forever.

So what do you get in the complete collection?
91 elements
14 papers
10 quickpages
10 cluster frames
3 floral clusters

And why stop there? With the complete collection you can even create your own look!
Grab it now at 40% off!

Now, let's take a closer look...
You can click on each preview to go to that product in store.

Quickpage 1 

Quickpage 2 

Quickpage 3 

Quickpage 4 

Quickpage 5 

Quickpage 6 

Quickpage 7 

Quickpage 8 

Quickpage 9 

Quickpage 10 

Quickpage Bundle (preview 1) 

Quickpage Bundle (preview 2) 

Quickpage Bundle 


...and the entire collection! 

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