Thursday, 23 June 2016

"Citrus Splash" @ My Memories!

It's summertime and "Citrus Splash" brings that sweet taste of summer to life! In each of the elements you can almost taste the sweet juiciness of oranges, limes and lemons, and even the off kiwi fruit, as well as envelop yourself in the fruity scent. This gorgeous collection is simply a must have you won't want to pass up! It will make summer last long after it's gone and winter is once again at your door.

So...what is in the collection?
100 elements
16 papers
18 clusters
12 quickpages

WOW! All that for one low price!
But...all products are available individually OR as a complete collection for your convenience.

Now, let's take a closer look...
You can click on each of the previews to take you to that product in store.

Quickpage 1 

Quickpage 2 

Quickpage 3 

Quickpage 4 

Quickpage 5 

Quickpage 6 

Quickpage 7 

Quickpage 8 

Quickpage 9 

Quickpage 10 

Quickpage 11 

Quickpage 12 

Quickpage Bundle 

Quickpage Bundle 

Cluster Frames 

...and the complete collection! 

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