Monday, 9 November 2015

*NEW* "Purple Poppies" - We WILL Remember Them...

11th November is Armistace Day. When the cease fire was declared in 1918 marking the end of World War 1. But it is also a day we remember our diggers and veterans from past and current wars. And while so much recognition is given to men and women who serve, little is given to the animals who also do, often giving their lives for their handlers and country. Whilst the red poppy is always a sign of remembrance from those that adorn Flanders Field, the purple poppy is a sign of remembrance for the animals who served. "Purple Poppies" is a tribute to those animals - dogs and horses etc. - who more often than not never returned home. We WILL remember you...

"Purple Poppies" is my new collection available at My Memories, and it is simply stunning. You will NOT be disappointed. Gorgeous elements, beautiful papers and stunning quickpages, this collection is not be missed out on this Remembrance Day.

The collection is available as a combo kit of elements and papers, as individual quickpages, bundled quickpages or as an entire bundle.

87 elements
10 papers
5 quickpages

You can purchase everything as individual items OR in a bundle for a reduced price!

Ok, let's take a look at everything...and don't forget that you can click on each of the previews to take you to those products in store.

RIP Animal Diggers
We remember you...
and thank you
Lest We Forget

 Quickpage #1

Quickpage #2

Quickpage #3

Quickpage #4

Quickpage #5

Quickpage Bundle

...and the entire Bundle!

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