Saturday, 14 March 2015

Selfie Killer and Hot Toddy Tags by Lori

I love animated tags and I have to admit when I make tags, they tend to be animated also.

These tags are made by our newest CT member, Lori aka Bratty. The first is featuring one of my latest kits "Selfie Killer", a kit attributed to the dangers of social media and teenagers today. Many forget that the internet is forever; that once a photo is out there, it's out there forever. So those selfies taken and posted to your friends can be passed around, can be viewed by strangers, whilst even some anonymous friends may not be who they appear to be. This kit is about those dangers. Thank you, Lori.

You can purchase "Selfie Killer" in both FULL SIZE and TAGGER from any of my stores.

Now this tag is adorable! It features a kit I made late last year "Hot Toddy", with all the deliciousness of chocolate and curling up in bed on a cold night with a good book....and a hot toddy! Thank you for this delightful tag, Lori.

You can purchase "Hot Toddy" in both FULL SIZE and TAGGER from any of my stores.

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