Sunday, 23 June 2013

This is my Design by Me

Long before I started designing, long before I was on the internet - I used to write poetry. I wrote a couple a day, sometimes several. But in September 2008 our beloved Sheba left us for Rainbow Bridge, and after that I lost much of my desire to write. I have only penned a handful - if that - since then.  But this morning, I woke with a couple of lines running through my head so I raced out to the computer to jot them in Notepad before they left 
It is not, however, my usual style. Something different...but certain "fans" will recognise the inference. Enjoy, if you dare. *g*
A trickle of blood falls from grace
The look of fear upon her face
A gag to muffle her desperate cries
The silent plea within her eyes
The twisted smile upon my lips
Can't she see I'm enjoying this?
The sense of her impending doom
To know her life is ending soon
And then blade glides into flesh
Oh, this is what I love best
To feel her fight against restraint
Her indifference just a useless feint
And as her blood pools on the floor
Arterial spatter on the wall
As every aspect of this room
Becomes her blood-infested tomb
And then the smile I can't disguise
As I look into her lifeless eyes
This moment now, this is mine -
This is all my design.
© Christina Smith
23rd June 2013


  1. I don't understand poetry, I guess. But to me this sounds like words from a killer.

  2. It is. It is written from the perspective of a cross between the TV shows Dexter and Hannibal. :)