Sunday, 28 April 2013

Happy 8th Birthday Ciara!

Today is my gorgeous staffy girl's 8th birthday! And what a happy day she is having....a right royal sleep-in, a yummy treat then banana and yogurt for breakfast, followed by another nap - in the sun, of course, sprawled out as only staffies do!  Dexter, oblivious to the fact his sister just wants to enjoy her day relaxing, keeps prompting her to play.  A squeaky toy in the ear, on the head, on her back, and if that doesn't work - a nip of the heels or mounting her (which invariably ALWAYS gets a reaction! lol)  He forgets while he is still a "baby", Ciara is 6 years older than him, and merely enjoys relaxing these days....though she still enjoys a good game of tug and running around. Dexter keeps her young.
We adopted Ciara 5 years ago after the passing of our first and beloved girl, Sheba.  She was a gorgeous girl - a staffy cross red heeler (cattle dog) - but she was most definitely "daddy's girl".  We had her 10 years, though her age was thought to be roughly around 16 years when she left us.  Ciara was a spritely 3 year old when we adopted her, with boundless amounts of energy as all young staffies do.  She earned the title of the "Lady Princess Ciara" very early on due to her desire to be treated as royalty - ie. one spoilt pup!  lol   And she was!  Wonderful therapy for our grief over losing Sheba, and constantly keeping us in stitches, and always happy for snuggles.  She has always been a snuggly girl right from the moment I brought her home, and I love nothing more than getting lots of snuggles from her.
Happy birthday, Ciara!
 This is Sophie (red hat) and Dexter (blue hat) with Ciara (pink hat) having a staffy birthday party for Ciara! 
And check out these delicious choc-chip (carob of course) carrot cupcakes I made for Ciara's birthday.  Fresh out of the oven!  Yummmmm.....

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