Sunday, 10 February 2013

Welcome Home Charlie-boy!

Well, the meet and greet went really well today. Started off taking them all for a walk separately before introducing them, and then we introduced Ciara, who did some serious butt and what-not sniffing to check him out, and then we took them for a little walk together before returned and introduced dexter. They all went well, but then they were all hot as, though I never foresaw any problems.  The trainer at the kennels was a bit concerned about them what with Ciara being a dominant, but I think he must have misunderstood me when I said that she was. what I meant is that in all packs, with all animals, there is a heirarchy - Ciara is just at the top of that - was all I meant. In that respect, there was absolutely nothing to worry about.
The main concern now is Charlie-boy's behaviour. It has always been thought he suffers from separation anxiety, but the trainer at the kennels doesn't think that it is. He thinks it is more bad behaviour, bad manners and no real discipline.  Now Charlie-boy has had free reign for the years until he came into foster care, and has obviously not known any boundaries.  So Charlie is being crate-trained (which is a new one on us as we've never crate-trained before), and he doesn't like going into the crate and boy, is he strong! I put him in there briefly for a couple of minutes while I was on here, and he proceeded to cry and rattle the cage. I let him out when I had to go and get the washing in. 
All three pooches are now sprawled on the tiled floor underneath the table here. Except when the neighbour over the back calls her cat - then Dexter starts woofing, which in turn sets Charlie and Ciara off woofing as well. lol  And all she did was call "Mimi!" once...every so often.

So after discussing it with Vicki, we are on an extended adoption trial of 4 weeks, afterwhich we can adopt him. Though she stressed that if it is too much don't feel like we HAVE to keep him and feel bad about taking him back, because HE IS a difficult boy and can be very destructive. I watched him in the crate when I put him in and he latched onto it and went hammer and tong on it, shaking it this way and that. All because he didn't want to be in there. Basically like a little child throwing a tanty. As adorable as he is, Charlie-boy is a brat!  And THAT is what we have to train OUT of him.
Yes, it will be a challenge...but, it's a learning experience for us all - canines and humans alike!  Charlie-boy really is adorable, and really does seem eager to please so that in itself will help in training. He is just stubborn - staffy stubborn - and very very strong!  But Charlie - me boss, you pooch!

We have a storm going on at the moment and he doesn't seem overly phased at all by it...whereas Ciara is panting like a steam train. lol

Anyway....stay tuned for more on Charlie-boy, as I'm sure there will be more to come!

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