Saturday, 9 February 2013

Tomorrow's the Day!

Well, the big day is here....tomorrow at least.  Tomorrow morning we head up to the kennels with Ciara and Dexter to meet the beautiful Charlie-boy!  I'm trying my best NOT to be anxious, but the suspense is almost killing me!  I am remaining positive that all will go well but there is a part of you that just wants to get it over with so we can all relax again.
This is an important day, not so much for us but for Charlie. He has had a rough time of it going back and forth between various homes that just never lasted, which of course only adds to his anxiety. Tomorrow is important for him because after all he has been through he really REALLY needs a home.  And we want to offer that for him, and be his safe haven.
When we meet tomorrow, we will do a slow introduction with Ciara (our boss girl) before bringing Dexter into the equation.  Because it is important that Ciara meets him first, gets to know him with some serious butt-sniffing and the like and maybe a little play - as she is the canine pack leader.  Then we will slowly introduce Dexter because he is a hyper boy, Ciara does tend to jump in when Dexter is playing with another to "protect" her boy.  This is the important factor and we need to work it just right.  I do so want this to go well for Charlie, because he needs a good home, and we want to give him that so he never has to be pushed from pillar to post again.
Please keep us in your thoughts tomorrow, and that for Charlie's sake, it all goes smoothly....and Charlie can be "home" at last.

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  1. All the best for tomorrow! I hope it all goes well for all of you!