Friday, 8 February 2013

Charlie at the Kennels

Here is Charlie, enjoying the sunshine and interaction with all the other dogs at Dogwoods Country Kennels.  He loves the company of both people and canines alike, and seems to be doing quite well considering all his recent setbacks. While I'm not usually a huge fan of kennels this particular one seems to a fabulous place, set amongst the vast bushland of the Blue Mountains boasting a huge acreage on which they reside.
I visited the Kennels' Facebook page this morning and was greeted with this happy smiley photo of the Charlie-boy, captioned "Charlie - another happy staffy". Is there any other kind? lol  It was great to see the photo on there, and it helped ease a few fears I had for the little guy stuck all the way up there - being bounced about from pillar to post. 
Do I have a home, or do I not have a home - that is the question?!
Well, Charlie-boy, just you hang in there! Just another 2 nights at the Kennels and we'll be up on Sunday morning to meet and greet you with your two new (hopefully) siblings.  And all going well, you will come home with us and start your new life - once and for all!
I have discussed the situation with my two and have had words with Ciara, the lady boss, and have reassured her that SHE will always be my girl but this little guy needs to know the love and comforts that she and Dexter are lucky enough to enjoy.  Ciara is very intuitive, and she can sense your mood, how you feel and knows what you are thinking long before you even voice them, so it was important that I reassure her that she is not going to be left out and that she is still my girl. 
On the day I received the call to say Charlie was on his way to the kennels as his adoption trial fell through (again), talks were had and plans were being made - Ciara knew.  For that very afternoon when we returned home from some errands they both greeted us excitedly, but Ciara then took herself up to the back corner of the yard and nestled herslef in the garden behind a mass of lantana and jasmine (and weeds) - which is her "safe place" when she feels scared.  I called her and she came out but just stood in the middle of the yard, not coming any further.  She knew. So since then I have been working with her to reassure her that she's still my girl, and having little chats about Charlie with them. She knows. She understands. So it's important I stay positive about the situation and not let her feel threatened in any way.
 I've also reminded her of the times Dexter annoys her and pesters her to play, even when she just wants to relax, and I've told her that as they are of similar ages, Charlie and Dexter could be happily playing together outside or in the back room while she just "chills out" on the couch in the house or on the bed. No need to be disturbed or being pestered to play all the time.  As an older girl approaching her 8th birthday in April, she likes to enjoy a nap or two more often.  Dexter, of course, will be happy to have another playmate!
So hang in there, Charlie-boy! Not long now....and hopefully in 48 hours you will be curled up here with these two, enjoying the lap of luxury that is also yours to come!

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