Wednesday, 6 February 2013

A Home for Charlie

As most of you probably know, I have two gorgeous English Staffordshire Bull Terriers who feature proudly in my header and my blinkie - Ciara, who is 7, and Dexter who is 21 months. I love staffies as they such people-oriented dogs, and if socialised young, are also dog-friendly. The staffy is also known affectionately as "the Nanny dog", for their love of children and their protectiveness toward them. Staffies simply "love to love and be loved"! And if you ever venture through my door, you will almost certainly receive a full body search from both of
Anyway, last week a gorgeous red staffy in need of a "furever home" was brought to my attention. I don't know why he stood out amongst all the others, as I have seen plenty of shelter dogs and those in the pound and rescue needing homes, but this precious boy just touched my heart. His name is Charlie, and he was surrendered last year because, at only 2 years, he was blind with cataracts. He obviously won the hearts of a local rescue group too as they took him from the pound and spent some $6,000 on surgery to restore his sight - which was completely successful, I might add.  They said to witness him see things for the first time was a pure joy - as I can well imagine.
But Charlie's troubles were not over.  Sadly, he suffers separation anxiety and is very clingy - probably attributed to his blindness - and while foster carers and the rescue group have worked with him to help him with his anxiety, they have been unable to place him in a permanent forever home. He has been in several homes already, all of which have returned him, unable to cope.  The most recent being today.
 Only Sunday just gone, he went to his potential new home. Then today the foster carer with Paws n' Hooves rescue group received a phone call while she was on her way to work, saying "We're on our way back with Charlie!" After TWO DAYS!!  They couldn't cope with him and don't want their son to become attached to him. So poor Charlie returned once again, and was placed in the kennels - as no foster carer was able to take him on on such short notice.
I have been in contact with Charlie's carer for the last few days about his needs etc. and then again today regarding his return.  Unfortunately, as she works full time she is unable to get to the kennels (which are about an hour and a half away) until the weekend. So we have organised to meet with Charlie, with his foster carer, on Sunday morning with our two. And if all goes well, we will take him under a 2 weeks trial basis - which is really only to see if Ciara (our boss dog) welcomes him. I will not give up on him for any other reason, than if Ciara doesn't accept him.  THAT would be the only reason.  Poor Charlie won't know whether he is coming or going, he has been in that many homes!  What he needs is consistency. Staffies are stubborn creatures at the best of times, but with his needs, consistency is the key to helping him manage his anxiety.  He may never completely get over it, but it can be managed.  And, Ciara willing, I won't give up on him for that.

  Poor Charlie really has not taken a trick.  But hopefully this is the end of the line for him and we are his FUREVER HOME!
These are photos of the gorgeous Charlie we fell in love with - as you can see why!

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