Tuesday, 7 August 2012

*NEW* Purple Paws


For most of us, animals play a part somewhere in our lives - and for some of us, it is also a very big part of our lives! Why? Because animals love us unconditionally and never judge us, and with them we can be ourselves. They are the most kindest, loving and loyal creatures on the planet. That is why, when we hear about senseless acts of violence and abuse against these loving creatures, we cannot understand how mankind can be so heartless and so cruel to something so innocent and loving. Those who merely live to please their masters.  I would be so lost without my animal friends in my life. For without them, my life would me empty.
This kit is very special to me and is tribute to my love for our dear animal friends. I do hope you enjoy this kit as much as I did putting it together.

89 Elements
14 Papers


Personal Use Only

Below are also previews for the CU Packs I made up using some of the elements used in the main kit, though I altered some a little, and added a few others.  I hope you like them. All are available in my stores!

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