Tuesday, 30 August 2011

*NEW* Cysterhood of Hope plus FREEBIE!


September is PCOS Awareness month.

What is PCOS?
PolyCystic Ovarian Syndrome is a condition where tiny non-cancerous cysts are present on the ovaries. It is often gone undiagnosed until an ultrasound reveals the condition, and it affects many aspects of a sufferer's life. PCOS causes massive weight gain, mood swings, depression, infertility - just to name a few and while it's cause is not fully understood or know it is however closely related to insulin deficiency. Most often those with PCOS could very well at some point develop Type 2 Diabetes.
PCOS is also the leading cause of infertility in women, with some who do fall pregnant often do not carry to term.

Some of the health risks for those with PCOS are:
Type 2 Diabetes
Heart attack
Endometrial Cancer

There is no cure for the condition - just treatment of its symptoms.

This kit is my tribute to raising awareness for this little-known and little-understood condition. Yes, I have PCOS, and I struggle with its symptoms etc. every day.

So this September wear TEAL and always HOPE.

97 Elements
15 Papers

© Custom Posers by Medievil Creations
Please refer to her TOU when using her Posers

Personal Use Only

Available in stores NOW!!

And it's been a while since I've done a freebie that is not a blog train....lol And as there have been requests for FTU awareness kits I put this little Add-On together in tribute for PCOS. As it is Teal, it may be used for Ovarian Cancer.

To download, just click my preview
Password: thanks

*NEW* Summer Dreams


Come relax on the beach and fall in love as summer comes to a close in the northern hemisphere but awaits the southern hemisphere.... It's glorious, it beautiful, it's the perfect way to unwind. Bask in the sunshine, sipping milkshakes and tasting sweet strawberries. Watch the pelicans soar majestically across the sky and breathe in the sweet fragrance of the frangipanis while listening the waves crash upon the sand. Fall in Summer Love...

78 Elements
15 Papers

© Posers by Medievil Creations
Please refer to her TOU enclosed

Personal Use Only

Available in stores NOW!

Mikayla's Fantasy Tutorial by Tiffany

(click image for tutorial)

Tiffany, a new CT member for Aussie Scrap Designs, has written this delightful tutorial featuring the second part of my Mikayla Combo - "Mikayla's Fantasy".
These kits are exclusive to Aussie Scrap Designs in tribute to a little Australian girl called Mikayla Francis who lost her battle with a very rare and aggressive form of cancer last year just before Christmas just days after her 7th birthday. There are two kits available in this theme - "Mikayala's Dream" and "Mikayla's Fantasy".
Mikayla's biggest fear was being forgotten.
Kits and Bundles are available in both Tagger and Full Size

Monday, 29 August 2011

Boy's Don't Cry Collab @ Scrap Wishes!


Was: €4.99
Now: €3.49
Save: 30% off

No - Boys don't cry....
Boys are playing with cars, balls, football, on the street, boys are wild and dirty, real boys :-)
Our new collab kit contains all, to scrap the photos of your wild boys.

51 paper, 161 elements, 2 alphas, all saved in 300 dpi for best printing results.

Following designers have participated:
Alevtina, Avital, Axi and Nanet Design, butterfly Dsign, DDesign, Designs by Stina, Fariesdesign, Flipp Design, Git, Juli Design, Myst Design, Perfect Posers, Rossi Design, Samceline, Schnucki, Stargazy Creations and Sunshine Daze.

Personal Use ONLY

ONLY @ Scrap Wishes

Check out some of the beautiful layouts made by the wonderful Scrap Wishes Creative Team members!
Boys don't cry

Boys don't cry

Boys don't cry

Boys don't cry

Boys don't cry

Boys don't cry

Boys don't cry

Boys don't cry

Boys don't cry

Boys don't cry

Boys don't cry

Witchy Tutorial by Jackie

(click image for tutorial)

Here is yet another tag/tutorial from Jackie at Aussie Scraps using my "Booful Spooks" kit again. And what a delightful tag this is! Thank you so much Jackie! So glad you loved the kit.

The Witch is In Tutorial by Jackie

(click image for tutorial)

Jackie is a new CT member for Aussie Scraps and she has written this delightful Halloween tutorial featuring my "Booful Spooks" kit. Thank you so much Jackie!

Greased Lightning and Summer Lovin' Tutorials from Amy Marie

(click image for tutorial)

Amy Marie is the newest member of our CT (not to be confused with the previous Amy Marie we also had...lol). And for her first request she chose my "Summer Lovin' " kit and created two lovely tags with it.
The first "Greased Lightning" is featured above, while the second "Summer Lovin' " is below. Just click on the tags to view the tutorials.
Thank you so much Amy Marie and welcome aboard.

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Dolphin Dreams Tutorial by Bella's Creations

(click image for tutorial)

Leanne aka Bella's Creations has written this delightful tutorial featuring my "Dolphin Dreams" kit AND the gorgeous work of Jamie Kidd! Thank you so much Leanne!

Saturday, 27 August 2011

*NEW* Hot in the Shade (re-release)


It's summer; it's blistering and it's hot...even in the shade! Yes, you heard right - it is hot in the shade. So (in the words of an old Aussie summer jingle SLIP, SLOP, SLAP) "slip on a Tshirt, slop on some sunscreen and slap on a hat"....and bask in the wonderful summer sunshine! For all too soon it will come to an end and winter will be upon everyone again.

90 Elements
18 Papers

© Posers by Medievil Creations
Please refer to her TOU enclosed in file

Personal Use only


In stores NOW!
Tagger sized only at Tagging Angels

Also available for purchase are these 6 gorgeous summery Quickpages from the kit.
Available in Full Size only at all stores except Tagging Angels.

Beach Life for Me Tutorial by Julie

(click image for tutorial)

Julie from our CT has written this tutorial featuring my "Beachside Retreat" kit. Thanks so much Julie!!

Thursday, 18 August 2011

*NEW* Finding Neverland


Close your eyes and journey back to childhood...where one never grows up...and enjoy the life of fantasy in a place far far away - of dreams, of magic and of adventure. A place called Neverland. Search your hearts and find that place once again....find Neverland....and never leave again.

76 Elements
10 Papers

© Cookies by Lisa of Sophisticated Imaging

Personal Use Only

Available in FULL SIZE and TAGGER

In stores NOW!!

Emo Tag from Lori

This gorgeous tag was made by Lori of Pawprint Designz from our CT using Tootypup's kit "EMO Lost". I know it wasn't one of my kits, but the tag was so gorgeous that I requested one and HAD to showcase it!
You can purchase the kit from any of Tootypup's stores.

Under the Sea Tutorial by Crystal

(click image for tutorial)

Crystal from our CT has written this lovely tutorial featuring my "Dolphin Dreams" kit. Thank you so much Crystal.

Designer Call and CT Call @ Aussie Scrap Designs

Aussie Scrap Designs is having a Designer Call!
No Set up fee
85/15% commission
Why not join an established store which boasts a wonderful reputation and service?
Apply online @ Aussie Scraps Design
(link in side menu)

Aussie Scrap Designs is also looking for talented tutorial writers to join our Creative Team. You receive selected Designers' kits for free to work with.
Minimum requirement is two tutorials per month PLUS you get the chance to win up to 4 PSP tubes of your choice per month!
Apply via email to aussiescraps@gmail.com

Monday, 15 August 2011

Finding Neverland with the Brat Pack!

The Brat Pack Blog Train

It's time for a little fantasy as the Brat Pack go in search of Neverland with 18 of our talented designers bringing you some wonderful freebies! Ranging from full size to tagger, from sampler kits to quickpages - there is something here for everyone!

Remember to always leave a note of thanks when you download as each designer works hard to bring you these freebies, spending a lot of time, money and effort so that you may enjoy them. A little thanks goes a long way and we appreciate your comments. *s*

To download my part please click my preview or 4shared link
Password: thanks
(PLEASE NOTE: My part was created using my full size "Finding Neverland" kit to be released shortly)

Now, onto the train....

Stina ::designs by stina:: YOU ARE HERE!!

Tootypup: Tootypup Scraps

Anita: Daydreamers

Crys: Sinfully Creative Scraps

Dilcia: Disyas Digitals Designs

Gina: KiKeKa Kits

Jen: Sleek N Sassy Designz

Jenny: Jenny's Designz

Jeremy: Tagging with Base

Jill: Created by Jill

Ketty: Charlieonline

Loretta: Loretta B
(site is in Italian - you will need a translator)

Miriam: Ellanoir

Pink: Pink's Poetic Scraps

SueEllen: Wicked Creationz Scraps

Tammy: TLP Designz

Victoria: Signature Collections

Wy: Designs by LK

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Edward Tag by Kaci

Oh-oh-oh-oooooooooohhhhh!! *Stina fans herself*

Kaci just made me this tag with my darling Edward since she visited my blog and saw I was Team Cullen! lol THANK YOU Kaci! Edward and Jasper are my faves, though I wouldn't mind a Dr like Carlisle.....lol

Emolution Tutorial by Kaci

(click image for tutorial)

Kaci, one of the Tagging Angels' CT, has written this delightful tutorial featuring my "Emolution" kit. This is gorgeous, Kaci! Thank you.

True Love Forever (Twilight) Tutorial by Bella's Creations

(click image for tutorial)

Leanne of Bella's Creations from our CT has written this lovely tutorial featuring my "Forever Twilight" kit. Thank you so much. And I love Zindy Nielsen!

Emolicious Tags by Dawdy

These two awesome tags were made by our very talented Dawdy featuring my "EMOtionally Yours" kit available exclusively to Twilight Scraps!
Thanks so much Dawdy!

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

We're All Superstars by Lyn

(click image for tutorial)

Lyn has been busy this month and has written another tutorial for me, this time using my "We're All Superstars" kit which is exclusive to Twilight Scraps. I love this tutorial....so cute. Thank you so much Lyn!!

Dolphin Dreams Tutorial by Bev

(click image for tutorial)

Bev, from Twilight Scraps, wrote this gorgeous tutorial featuring my "Dolphin Dreams" kit....this kit is proving to be a very popular one. Thank you all who have purchased it! And thank you Bev for this wonderful tutorial.

Dolphin Dreams Tutorial by Lyn

(click image for tutorial)

Lyn from our CT has written this gorgeous tutorial featuring my latest kit "Dolphin Dreams". Thank you so much Lyn!!

Thursday, 4 August 2011

*NEW* Dolphin Dreams


Dive into the deep blue sea and into magical world of the dolphins. Swim with them, play with them and discover the treasures of the deep is another world so tranquil, so serene and so magical you could live the dream forever.

76 Elements
12 Papers

Personal Use Only

Available in Full Size and Tagger

*NEW* Sovereign Hearts


Fall in love all over again as we journey from the Palace to the Abbey for the royal nuptials. Surrounded by all things romantic, from hearts and roses to doves and flowers, this kit is sure to win your heart!

82 Elements
12 Papers

© Posers by Medievil Creations
Please refer to her TOU enclosed

Personal Use Only

Available in Full Size and Tagger

*NEW* EMOtionally Yours EXCLUSIVE


"I don't need your attitude - I have one of my own!"
That's the motto of these lil emolicious babes who would rather poke their eyes out than be all cutesy and sensitive. They are in your face and colourful in every way...and they are EMOtionally yours!

98 Elements
20 Papers

© Posers by Medievil Creations
Please refer to her TOU enclosed

Personal Use Only

Available in Full Size and Tagger


Long Island Summer Tutorial by Leanne (Bella's Creations)

(click image for tutorial)

Leanne (Bella's Creations) recently requested to join our CT and her first tutorial featured my "Beachside Retreat" kit. Thank you so much Leanne!

Fairy Dell Tutorial by Emma

(click image for tutorial)

Emma has recently rejoined our CT and has written her first tutorial with us featuring my "Land of Make Believe" kit. Thank you so much, Emma. I personally perfer the blue one since I'm always partial to blue. lol

Monday, 1 August 2011

Sovereign Hearts Gothic Inspirations Train

The Gothic Inspirations Blog Train

This month sees us with the theme "Sovereign Hearts" to play with. While most people went with a more gothic or Emo style, I decided to take the real meaning of "sovereign" as in "royal" and join it with "hearts" to become royally romantic! And what do we get? A tribute to Prince William and Kate, now the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. I hope you like my take on the theme AND on the royal wedding featuring Medievil Creations gorgeous cookies she made at the time of the Royal Wedding back in April. With this, I have created some stunning Quickpage Layouts for Personal Use for you.

Remember, please leave a note of thanks when downloading as each of the Designers spend a lot of time, money and effort to bring you these freebies. And your thoughtfulness in gratitude means a great deal to us...and is why we keep bringing you freebies. Without that, there would be none. I mean, why continue to create them if no one appreciates them? And how do we know if people do appreciate them if they don't leave a note of THANKS. So please...we appreciate every comment and every thanks you leave us. It only takes a moment of your time but it means a great deal to us.

**Please note that this is a limited freebie**
(NOTE: These Quickpages were created using my new kit "Sovereign Hearts" which will be released very shortly in both FULL SIZE and TAGGER. The Full Size version was used for this freebie.)

OK...now onto the rest of the train....


Annette with: AW Design

Angel with: Angel Flower Scraps

Becky with: Becky’s Creations

Jill with: Created By Jill Scraps

Muriel with: Creative-Disorder

Crystal with: Crystals Creations

Daniela with: DarkMoon's Dream

Deb with: Debs Design

Sarah with: Designs By Sarah

Sharon with: Designs by SharonB

Stina with: Designs By Stina YOU ARE HERE!!

Dianna with: Digicats (& Dogs)

Miriam with: Ellanoir design

Em with: EmJay Scraps

Jessica with: Gothic Inspirations

Hezalin with: HezaScraps & Tags

Victoria with: Maitri Scraps

Sally with: Mythical Designs

Nette with: Nette's NightOwl Works

Edna with: Miss Edna’s Place

Pam with: pamkez

Rieka with: Rieka Rafita

Stef with: Stef’s Scrapkits

Jeremy with: Tagging With Base

Tyger with: Tyger's Tidbits

Julie with: Whispy’s D’zines

Sue with: Wicked Creationz