Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Four Paws Tutorial by Lee

(click image for tutorial)

Lee from Aussie Scraps wrote this delightful tutorial featuring my latest kit "Paws for a Cause" - a charity kit I designed with proceeds going to the RSPCA. Thank you Lee. I love love love it!!

Friday, 27 May 2011

Down the Rabbit Hole Tutorial by Schnegge

(click image for tutorial)

Schnegge has written this gorgeous tutorial featuring my "Down the Rabbit Hole" kit. Thanks so much Schnegge - I love it!!

Monday, 23 May 2011

New PTU Kit Paws for a Cause


A kit close to my heart, as are all my dog-related ones, but this one especially as it is inspired by the Million Paws Walk which takes place on the second Sunday of every May all over Australia, and helps aid the RSPCA.

Every year hundreds of thousands of unwanted, abandoned and neglected pets find shelter with the RSPCA but the charity with only 2% funding from the government can only stretch so far. They don't like to turn away surrendered animals, but sometimes it is necessary due to limited space. I found this out when I rescued Jasper (now part of our family) and no one would take him and suggested the Pound which for me was NOT an option, so now he lives with us (he's the Blue Heeler in the photo of my previews).

However, animals need care too. And I've decided that the proceeds from the sale of this kit will be donated to the RSPCA - as a small gesture to help them help those who ask for so little yet give us SOOOO much!

24 Papers
131 Elements

Personal Use Only

Available in stores NOW!!

New PTU Kit Down the Rabbit Hole


Take a journey down the rabbit hole with Alice as she follows the White Rabbit and meets the Mad Hatter, the grinning Cheshire cat, the super-stoned caterpillar and the evil Queen of Hearts and her loyal subjects. Fall in love with one your favourite fairytales all over again as you visit Wonderland and its delightful wonders!

24 Papers
122 Elements

Wonderland Cookie posers © Busyscrappin

Queen of Hearts © Medievil Creations
Please refer to ZIP file enclosed when using her posers

Personal Use Only

Available in stores NOW!

Whiskers Tutorial by Amy Marie

(click image for tutorial)

Amy Marie used a photo of her own cat in this tutorial featuring my "Wags n Whiskers" kit. Thanks so much Amy - I do love cats too. I shall have to fish out some photos of my cats I had growing up.

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Now Selling @ Heartfelt Perfections!

(click ad to go to my store)

I'm now selling at my good friend Leigh's store - Heartfelt Perfections - and to celebrate I am having an Opening Sale with 50% off my products!
Sale has been extended through June as I was dragging the chain with announcements...lol

So please stop by and grab some bargains - some products and deals are exclusive to this store only! Just click the Ad above to go directly to my store and start shopping!

See you there!!

Safari Nights Collab @ Twilight Scraps


This Safari Nights Collaboration was put together by several very talented designers.
There is a total of 10 scrap kits inside this collab.
Please be sure to read the terms by each designer.

On sale at $5.00 until June 1st, 2011 or FREE WITH PURCHASE of $10 or more.

Thank you for supporting Twilight Scraps!!

Below is my part of the collab (available separately from 1st June):

Puppy Love Forum Set from Marysol + Surprise!

I received a lovely surprise in my mailbox this morning - a lovely Forum Set I requested plus a couple of surprise tags...courtesy of Marysol (of Dragonslair Tubes). Marysol knows I love my pooches and made me some more pooch-related taggies as a special thank you for the scrap kits I share with the group.
This is what she had to say:
"There are surprises attached. Thank you for all the beautiful scrapkits you share. I have purchased quite a few."
Thank you so much Marysol. I'm glad you enjoy my kits!

Twilight Tag for Me

Amy Marie, from our CT, knows how much I love Twilight....lol So she made this gorgeous taggie for me using a tutorial called "Saving this Moment".
Thank you so much Amy - I adore it!! Come on Novemeber and "Breaking Dawn"!!

Friday, 20 May 2011

Emolution Tutorial by Crystal

(click image for tutorial)

Crystal, from our CT, has written this delightful tutorial featuring my "Sweet Treats of Life" kit, exclusive to Twilight Scraps. Funnily enough this is not my favourite kit, but everyone who has requested and tagged it has made it look wonderful! Thank you so much!

Whatever.... Tags by Dawdy

Dawdy, from our CT, has created these two gorgeous tags featuring my "Whatever...." kit. Thanks so much Dawdy - they are just awesome!

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Sweet with a Bit of Sass Tutorial by Sandee

(click image for tutorial)

Sandee has written yet another wonderful tutorial featuring my "Sweet Treats of Life" kit. Thank you so much Sandee!

Monday, 16 May 2011

Swan Lake Tutorial by Sandee

(click image for tutorial)

Sandee, from our CT, wrote this gorgeous tutorial featuring my "Swan Lake" kit. Thanks so much Sandee! I love it!

Paw-fect Friend Tutorial from Carol

(click image for tutorial)

Carol wrote this totally gorgeously awesome tutorial featuring my "Wags n Whiskers" kit. Thank you thank you thank you...oh and did I say THANK YOU??? Thank you Carol! I love it!
How very apt that this tut came in today...being the Million Paws Walk all around Australia which I went to today.

Intoxicatingly Beautiful Tutorial by Kris

(click image for tutorial)

Kris, from our CT, wrote this awesome tutorial featuring my "My Mother, My Friend" kit which is available at Twilight Scraps and Heartfelt Perfections. Thanks so much Kris!

Hoppalicious Tutorial by Amy Marie

(click image for tutorial)

Amy Marie wrote this cute little tutorial featuring my "Bunny Hoppalicious" kit. Thank you Amy!

Sunday, 15 May 2011

The BNB Train Departs with Whatever Takes Your Fancy!


This month we were given free reign with the theme and palette with whatever took our fancy. I chose Alice in Wonderland, even though I still haven't seen the movie or really read the book - I simply listened to the dramatised audio book sometime last year which I found far more entertaining than a straight out read of an audio book. lol I hope you like it

Please remember to leave some love as a note of thanks when you download as we all appreciate your comments.

To download my part please click my preview
Password: thanks
**This is an Add-On of sorts to a PTU kit which will be released in the coming days**

Now...onto the train!

Blog train

Bits N Bobs

Charlieonline Scrapbooking

Creative Crazy Scraps

Created by Jill

Ellanoir design

AW Design

Designs by Stina YOU ARE HERE!!

Miggins does scrapsville

Pinks Poetic Scraps

Let's Paws for a Cause with the Brat Pack!


The Brat Pack Blog Train departs again this time with our furry friends in mind as all over Australia today (15th May) the RSPCA Million Paws Walk takes place, which I am attending today with my two four-legged children - a wonderful cause for our four-legged friends and to help raise money for the RSPCA.

This month our Designers have some wonderful treats in store for you, so please be sure to leave a little word of thanks when you download....as I know they appreciate it.


Thursday, 12 May 2011

Springtime Tutorials by Gail

(click image for tutorial)

Gail, the wonderful store owner of Aussie Scrap Designs, has written two gorgeous tutorials featuring my "Spring into Easter" kit!
The first one (above) is a delightful springy/Easter tutorial with the lovely artwork of Suzanne Woolcott to compliment it.

(click image for tutorial)

The second tutorial is a little different featuring elements from the kit to compliment the text.
Thank you so much Gail! Your favourite little minx adores them...lol

Two Tutorials featuring Black Swan

(click image for tutorial)

This first tutorial was written by Amy Marie using "Black Swan" and is of the same name. Thank you so much Amy!

(click image for tutorial)

This second tutorial was written by Julie and it called "Dancing in Moonlight".
Thanks so much Julie! You have both made my kit look lovely. Thank you.

Saturday, 7 May 2011

NEW Make Believe Collab @ Aussie Scraps


Don't miss out on this absolutely stunning fantasy collab. Yours free with any purchase of just $5.00 or more. You dont need to add it to your cart, it will be automatically added to your downloads after checkout.
You will love the colours, variety and uniqueness of this beautiful kit.
Thank you for your support at Aussie Scrap Designs.

Below is my part of the collab. While I don't usually do fantasy I did enjoy creating this.
If you happen to miss out on this collab my part will be offered up for sale EXCLUSIVELY at Aussie Scraps once the collab comes down at the end of May.

It's My Anniversary and I'm Having a SALE!

(click on Ad to go to my store)

I am celebrating my wedding anniversary this month and am having a 50% sale all my products (except where excluded) to celebrate!
So come on into my stores a grab a bargain!

Available in Twilight Scraps and Aussie Scraps
Prices already set in Twilight Scraps, while in Aussie Scraps just enter the coupon code: DBSanniv to get your discount!!

(click on Ad to go to store)

Starving Artist Store Train - My Mother, My Friend


The 2011 store train has taken off and is featured within a variety of stores found on the Starving Artist blog.

I created this very special kit for a very special lady - my mum - in honour of her and Mother's Day. Filled with the things she loves - birds, gardening, flowers and more birds - this is a very special tribute to my special mum. May she always be as beautiful as she is today.

This kit is perfect for any mother or for any occasion - a celebration of anything your heart desires. And may all the mothers the world over know how valued and how appreciated they truly are.

This MEGA kit is an Official Starving Artist kit for the 2011 Store Train available for the bargain price of $2 for the month of May!

24 Papers
120 Elements

Personal Use Only

Available at Twilight Scraps

Long Island Nights Tags from Dawdy

Dawdy is our newest CT member and while she doesn't write tutorials, she does create some amazing tags! These two tags are from my "Long Island Nights" kit which is available exclusively to Aussie Scrap Designs.
Thanks so much Dawdy!

Friday, 6 May 2011

Get Ready for the Starving Artist Store Train!

The 2011 store train will be kicking off on May 6th at midnight, and will be featured within a variety of stores found on the Starving Artist blog.

Each kit will be just $2.00 and together they will create an amazing collab, with many different themes and options, both CU and PU available.

So be sure to check out the stores AND all the designers come May 7th....
Here is a slideshow of some wonderful previews

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Friendship Tutorial by Me

(click image for tutorial)

I was inspired this afternoon to write a tutorial. Not just any tutorial, but one without scraps, and using the tools, effects and filters in PSP. So I had a bit of a play with a photo hubby took of myself and Susan (of Tootypup Scraps) when were on holiday in Mildura last month. Susan, of course, thinks the tag could be better if she wasn't in it. lol
I hope you like the tutorial, which can be either animated or not. And please, if you do try it, be sure to send me your results to designed.by.stina@gmail.com

Falling for You Tutorial by Kris

(click image for tutorial)

Kris, from our CT, has written this gorgeous tutorial featuring my "Swan Lake" kit. In the first one (above) she uses one of the posers I had custom made for the kit. In the tag below she uses a tube by Elias Chatzoudis. Thanks so much Kris! I love them!

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Discovering Hope - GI Blog Train FREEBIE


This month with the Gothic Inspirations Train was a "Designer's Choice" where we were given a palette with the fifth colour to be anything of our choice. It was something different and somewhat interesting. And while I was pushed for time and didn't think I'd make it, Jess was kind enough to slow down to allow me to climb aboard. *s* Thanks Jess!

With the monotone colours of the palette I chose to do something towards Depression and Mental Illness, so therefore my chosen colour was GREEN, the colour for Depression Awareness while SILVER is the colour for Mental Illness Awareness. This is something of a taboo topic amidst society where oftentimes people with a mental illness of any kind, shape or form is misunderstood....just as the condition is. This is my tribute to it.

Please remember our Designers work hard to bring you these freebies so a little thanks goes a long way. We love reading your comments so please be sure to leave a note of thanks when downloading our freebies. *s*

Limited Freebie - now available in store

Now onto the rest of the train....and as always it is a wonderful train!!


Jo with: A Taggers Scrap

Angel with: Angel Flower Scraps

Kelly with: Angel's Designz

Artmama with: Artmama's Studio

Lisa with: Arty-Pharty

Annette with: AW Design

Becky with: Becky’s Creations

Deanna with: Butterfly Kisses Scraps

Jill with: Created By Jill Scraps

Stu with: Creative Crazy Scraps

Muriel with: Creative-Disorder

Crystal with: Crystals Creations

Daniela with: DarkMoon's Dream

Stina with: Designs By Stina YOU ARE HERE!!

Sarah with: Designs By Sarah

Sharon with: Designs by SharonB

Conchi with: DNScraps

Miriam with: Ellanoir

Marsha with: Falln Designz

Holly with: Freek’s Creations

Jessica with: Gothic Inspirations

Hezalin with: HezaScraps & Tags

Justine with: Made By Justine

Victoria with: Maitri Scraps

Lee with: MidnightMusic WordArt

Edna with: Miss Edna’s Place

Pam with: pamkez

Rieka with: Rieka Rafita

Kimberly with: Scrap Rebellion

Shelle with: Shellez Creations

Stef with: Stef’s Scrapkits

Kara with: Sweet Cravings Scraps

Tiffany with: Sweet Southern Comfort

Tracey with: Tracey's Tags and Treasures

Edna with: Vermont Angel Eyes

Sue with: Wicked Creationz

Sweet Treats of Life Tutorials

Two new tutorials featuring my exclusive kit "Sweet Treats of Life", available only at Twilight Scraps.

(click image for tutorial)

Lyn, from our CT, wrote this divine tutorial. Thanks so much Lyn!!

(click image for tutorial)

And Amy Marie, wrote this wonderfully bright tutorial featuring the gorgeous artwork of Lady Mishka! I love it! Thank you so much Amy!

Thanks girls....I love them both!