Friday, 2 December 2011

*NEW* Christmas Around the World


Christmas is celebrated diffferently around the world in different countries - some depending on culture, some on traditions and others on climate and weather. We're all familiar with the traditional themes on Christmas cards depicting Santa in his sleigh over snow-covered houses, snowmen or vintage scenes of shoppers rugged up against the cold. So much so that people forget there are other parts of the world where it is summertime at here in Australia!
There is no snow, no huddling around the fireplace, no snowfights or snowmen. Australia is a very temperate climate and at Christmastime it is often extremely warm. Many families head to the beach, have pool parties or BBQs etc. While some still opt for the more traditional turkey, ham and roasts for Christmas dinner seafood is actually the most popular. And our tradition has Santa being lead by 6 white kangaroos (referred to as "boomers") on his So in Australia Christmas is celebrated somewhat differently.
In full size this kit is perfect for all your scrapping needs this Christmas, with a special touch of Aussie flavour.

97 Elements
7 Papers

Full Size ONLY

Personal Use Only

Available in stores NOW!

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