Monday, 28 November 2011

*NEW* Santa's Secrets


Ho ho ho! It's that time of year again. And this colourful delight is sure to be a fabulous addition to your tags for the festive season!
So stop on by and partake in a little of Santa's Secrets....and enjoy the spirit of the season. Merry Christmas.

65 Elements
18 Papers

Personal Use Only

** Exclusive to Aussie Scrap Designs **

Jacaranda Beauty Tutorial by Callie

(click image for tutorial)

Callie, from Aussie Scrap Designs, has written this lovely tutorial featuring my "Jacaranda Blue" kit which is available in Full Size. Thank you so much Callie. I'm glad you like the kit.

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Crazy Wednesday @ Scrap Wishes!

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Sale extended through Thursday!!

Selected products €1.50
All other products €2.00
Unless otherwise stated

Candee Christmas Tutorial from Desert

(click image for tutorial)

Desert is one of our newest CT members and has only just started writing tutorials. And this one features my "Lil Miss Candee Cane" kit. Thank you so much Desert!

Ghostly Dreams Tutorial from Stef

(click image for tutorial)

Stef, from our CT, is back from her move with another gorgeous tutorial featuring my "Black Magic" kit, which is full size and can be used any time of the year - not just Halloween. Thank you so much Stef - I love it!!

Isle Esme Tutorial by Tiffany

(click image for tutorial)

Tiffany, a CT from Aussie Scrap Designs, has written a lovely tutorial featuring my "Isle Esme" kit, which is part of my "Forever Twilight Trilogy". Thank you so much Tiffany!

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Twilight Forever Tutorial from Amy Marie

(click image for tutorial)

Amy Marie has written this gorgeous tutorial featuring "Twilight is Forever", the last in my "Forever Twilight Trilogy". Thank you so much Amy....I love it!

Twilight Love Tutorial from Julie

(click image for tutorial)

Julie has written this lovely tutorial featuring "Twilight is Forever" from my "Forever Twilight Trilogy". Thank you so much Julie! I love it.

Kisses from Paris Tutorial from Carol

(click image for tutorial)

Carol has written this delightful tutorial featuring one of my newest kits "In Vino Romanze". Thank you so much Carol! So glad you liked the kit!

Poetic Expressions Tag from Desert

Desert is one of our newest members of our CT and she has created this lovely tag featuring my "Poetic Expressions" kit. Thank you so much Desert!

Choc Mint Xmas Tag from InkkFreakk

InkkFreakk wrote me this comment when sending through this tag this morning:

"I have worked with another of your wonderful kits..
You do an amazing job on them..
Thank you for allowing the CT members to work with them."

Awww, thank you sweetie. So glad you enjoy them! This tag was created with one of my early Christmas kits in my first year of designing "Choc Mint Xmas", and still one of my favourites. *s*

Happy Happy Joy Joy Tags from InkkFreakk

InkkFreakk, the newest CT member for Tagging Angels, has created these two gorgeous tags featuring my "Happy Happy Joy Joy" kit. Thanks so much, Inkk! They are awesome!

Tags from Two of my Tutorials by Dixie

Dixie from the DragonsLair Tubes group has created these two tags using two of my tutorials but as an added difference, used different kits! Which is a great way to show versatility AND imagination! Thank you Dixie.
The two tutorials she did were "I'm Just Hot" (above) and "Magical Beauty" (below)

Friday, 18 November 2011

*NEW* Sunburnt Santa


Give me a home among the gum trees
With lots of heatwaves
A kangaroo and BBQ
A koala out the back
A magpie out the front
And Santa in the pool!!

Yep, it's Christmas down-under! No snow, no freezing temps and no white Christmas. Just a scorching sunburnt country beneath the summer sun and Southern Cross (our star constellation) with dry conditions and blazing bushfires...and a sunburnt Santa by the pool.
I hope you enjoy this little piece of Australia which is a great addition to the Aussie Christmas Collab made by Tootypup Scraps and myself..

**NOTE: This kit is a re-release that has not been available for over a year!**

83 Elements
20 Papers

Tagger Size

Personal Use Only

Available in all stores NOW!

The Christmas Sleigh Ride Blog Train - Sign Ups Open!

The Christmas Sleigh ride blog train is preparing to leave December 8th. Designers are welcome to join us, the more the merrier.
To join our ride just email your details to

Our color swatch is added below for those interested. Please email previews of your kits so that they can be added to our slide show. Previews are requested to be 600 x 600

Thursday, 17 November 2011

*NEW* Jacaranda Blue


Each November in Australia the beautiful Jacaranda blooms with it's gorgeous bluey/mauve flowers. They last for just a couple of weeks and once they drop it serves a reminder that Christmas is never far away. They have no fragrance but are just an abundance of vivid colour for two weeks of the year.
This kit was inspired by the beauty of these trees lining our streets at the moment with a touch of romance and sweet innocence....and the reminder of beauty in the little things - even a small bluey/mauve flower.

90 Elements
14 Papers


Personal Use Only

Available at Twilight Scraps, Aussie Scraps and Scrap Wishes ONLY

*NEW* In Vino Romanze


"In Vino Romanze" is a gorgeous kit of Wine and Romance. Filled with delicate beauty, music, wine and song, love is in the air as you dine by candlelight, dance to soft slow music and stroll by the light of the moon. Romanze is sweet perfection to live long in our hearts forever.

75 Elements
14 Papers

© Posers by Lisa of Sophisticated Imaging

Personal Use Only

Available in all stores NOW!

*NEW* In Vino Veritas ONLY @ Scrap Wishes


In Vino wine there is truth.
Never more truer are these words after a few drinks when our true selves are often exposed once the masks are laid down. Alcohol lowers one's inihibitions, gives you "dutch courage", and relaxes you more than you become more comfortable being yourself. This gorgeous kit brings you a romantic side often hidden with those uncomfortable with showing too much emotion for fear it makes them appear vulnerable. The beauty of "falling" in love, in an Autumnal kit with a difference.

28 Elements
10 Papers

Personal Use Only


Twilight is Forever Tags from Dawdy

Dawdy from our CT has created these two gorgeous tags featuring my "Twilight is Forever" kit, the third in the "Forever Twilight Trilogy". Thank you so much Dawdy....I love them!!

Some Twilight Tutorials from my CT

(click image for tutorial)

Lyn has written this gorgeous tutorial featuring "Twilight is Forever", the third in my "Forever Twilight Trilogy". THank you so much Lyn!

And Julie has written this cute tutorial featuring "Forever is only the Beginning", the first in the Trilogy. Thanks so much Julie!

(click image for tutorial)

Wintery Fairy Tutorial by Emma

(click image for tutorial)

Emma from our CT has written this lovely tutorial featuring my "Blue Belle Christmas" kit. Thank you so much Emma.
She has also created a little Cluster Frame which can be downloaded from her blog.

Autumn Mona Lisa Tutorial by Leanne

(click image for tutorial)

Leanne (aka Bellas Creations) has written this delightful tutorial featuring my "Pumpkin Patch" kit. Thank you so much Leanne!

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Isle Esme Tags from Amy Marie (CT)

I was greeted with an email from Amy Marie, from our CT (not to be confused with the "other" in my mailbox this morning which reads:

"I bought your kit..Isle Esme.. OMG OOO you are just the Twilight BOMB!!
I hope you likie!!!"

followed by another email shortly after:

"This is like the 3rd tag I have made from this
Once again I just have to say AWESOME WORK!!
Really glad I purchased it! Hope you like!!
Amy!", Amy Marie, I don't like - I love!! lol So glad you enjoyed the kit. It was one of my favourites to create.

Island Beauty Tutorial by Callie

(click image for tutorial)

Callie is a CT at Aussie Scrap Designs and she wrote this tutorial using my "Isle Esme" kit, which is proving to be a favourite. Thank you Callie. Love the animation!

An Autumn Romance Tutorials by Lyn

(click image for tutorial)

Lyn wrote not one but TWO tutorials featuring my "An Autumn Romance" kit. This first tutorial/tag is titled "Autumn Flyer" and it is just darling!

The second tutorial (below) is titled "An Autumn Romance". Thank you so much Lyn!

(click image for tutorial)

Joy to the World Tutorial by Shal

(click image for tutorial)

Shal, from our CT, is getting us into the spirit of Christmas with this delightful tutorial featuring my "Happy Happy Joy Joy" kit! Thank you so much Shal!

Forever Twilight Trilogy Tags by Amy

(featuring "Forever is only the Beginning")

A former CT member of ours, Amy of AMBCreations, created these lovely tags using my "Forever Twilight Trilogy". The last tag is created using Tootypup's "Isle Esme" kit, which she kindly made for me as well. Thank you so much Amy! I hope you enjoyed the Trilogy kits.

(featuring "Twilight is Forever")

(featuring my "Isle Esme Sampler")

(featuring "Isle Esme" by Tootypup Scraps)

Black Magic Woman Tutorial by Deep

(click image for tutorial)

I'm a bit behind in updating my so I hope I get everyone.
This tutorial was written by Deep from our CT featuring my "Black Magic" kit which is available in Full Size ONLY, and only from Twilight Scraps, Aussie Scrap Designs and Scrap Wishes.
Thank you so much Deep!

Thursday, 3 November 2011

The Forever Twilight Trilogy is Here!


Do you love Twilight? Are you ready for "Breaking Dawn Part 1"?
Forever is only the beginning...or is it the end?
Follow the entire Trilogy with Edward and Bella in this three part tale of love, romance, tragedy, pain and sacrifice. Follow them as they wed, as they honeymoon and as they come to a crossroads, where Bella makes a choice and the ultimate sacrifice.

Packed with loads of goodies for all your Twilight needs....

Grab this Trilogy now for a special price and SAVE!!

Personal Use Only


Do you love Twilight? Are you ready for "Breaking Dawn Part 1"?

Forever is only the beginning...and this is just the beginning for Edward and Bella, whose love story we have followed since it began in 2005. In the first part of this final chapter we see the couple join forever in a fairytale wedding that could only be dreamed of. It is an emotional time which, for Bella, marks the beginning of one journey and the end of another as she silently farewells her parents and her begin her journey into forever. Forever is only the beginning....

127 Elements
18 Papers

© Custom posers by Medievil Creations
Please refer to her TOU enclosed

Personal Use Only


In the second part of "Forever is only the Beginning" Edward and Bella have wed and enjoy a wonderful honeymoon on "Isle Esme", a secluded island given as a gift to Esme from Carlisle....but it is brought to an abrupt end. Bella is pregnant, and with the forces against them, Bella draws on the support of an unlikely ally. Will this be the end for Bella? Or is this just the beginning?

122 Elements
10 Papers

© Posers by Medievil Creations
Please refer to her TOU enclosed

Personal Use Only


In the third part of "Forever", Edward and Bella have returned to Forks after their dream wedding and romantic honeymoon. But all is not smooth-sailing as Bella goes against Edward's wishes in one final complication she must overcome. It is the last thing she will ask of him as the end draws near...and twilight looms closer...and becomes "forever".

78 Elements
15 Papers

© Posers by Medievil Creations
Please refer to her TOU enclosed

Personal Use Only

DLT Challenge using "Give Thanks"!

I'm a member of a wonderful and fun copyright compliant group called DragonsLair Tubes and each week a new challenge is sent out featuring a particular artist and one or more scrap kits to choose from. The challenge is to create a tag featuring one of the supplied tubes and one of the chosen scrap kits. And this week Yez (one of the moderators) features one of MY old scrap kits for a Thanksgiving type challenge. The kit "Give Thanks" was one of my very early kits I created not long after I started designing. It is now available as a freebie on my blog.

There have been many wonderful tags come through the group featuring my kit that I thought I would share them. Some of the members were kind enough to surprise me with a tag! Thank you everyone!





Lady D