Saturday, 15 October 2011

*NEW* Black Magic


The candle flickers in the breeze
within the shadows to beckon thee
A swarming energy begins to flow
From the realms of earth below

The spirits rise up from beyond
To break the evil negative bond
All-consuming with intention
Flowing from the earth's dimension

While the tempest roars its energy's potent
But only for the smallest moment
When chaos in its darkest form
Breaks the spell before it's born

As pentacles and pentagrams
Inverted by the ritual chant
Born of fire from the ground
The spirits' energy surrounds

The candle flickers in the breeze
As the circle feels the energy
The magic from their inner selves
Protects them from the mortal realms

© Stina 2011

"Black Magic" is a deliciously dark kit,suitable for Halloween or any gothic need, for those with a darker taste.

78 Elements
12 Papers


Personal Use Only

Available from Twilight Scraps, Aussie Scrap Designs and Scrap Wishes ONLY

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