Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Birthday at Rainbow Bridge Tutorial by Me

(click image for tutorial)

I seem a little out of practice writing tutorials but as I started this tag today as a special tribute to my good friend Susan's faithful friend I decided to write it up as a tutorial as well.
Susan's Tooty, went to Rainbow Bridge 6 months ago last September and I remember the pain of all "the firsts" after they have gone. Today marks what would have been Tooty's 18th birthday so I decided to write this tutorial using Susan's part of the "Rainbow Bridge" collab we did together in honour of dear Tooty. I never got to meet Toot, as she went to Rainbow Bridge just 3 weeks before my visit. But I know all about the undying love and faithful devotion our furry friends give us when they are here.

To Toots....and to my wonderful dear friend Susan, who now has another faithful companion (who chewed through the TV coaxial cable this afternoon leaving her with no TV...lol) called Rebel, and whom I call Lil Miss Mud Pie (as she frolicks in the fish pond and then traipses through the dirt. lol)

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