Sunday, 13 February 2011

Show the Wuv Tags by Me

After a busy couple of days of having to reformat my poor sluggish and overloaded computer then jumping straight back into the saddle to finish a train kit and a collab kit by their due dates, my mojo has gone walkabout and I was left here fiddling about in PSP. So I decided to make a special little surprise for Susan (aka Tootypup).

As most of you know, she had to say goodbye to her precious friend Tooty of 17 and a half years last September and it has been a long, slow road for her. I have been constantly prompting her to get herself another pup as they are honestly the best therapy and are far cheaper than a therapist! lol They don't judge you and they love you totally and unconditionally. They are our best friends and vice versa.

Two weeks ago I googled shelters in her area and together we had a look online at available adoptions. We found a couple of Black Lab X's which is what she had her heart set on, being as that was Tooty was. The next day she went down to see the pups and chose one. The little girl was only about 4 months old but very very timid and obviously abused or neglected. All the other pups jumped up on their cage doors but this little girl who just sat in her corner quietly. Susan went out every day and visited her and built up a rapport with her, and soon the little pup began to emerge from her shell and she turns out to be a right little cheeky miss! lol But being so young she should adapt fairly well being out of her former environment.

As she was only picked up the day before the shelther legally had to keep her on the register for 8 days in case someone claimed her, which was a nail-biting time for Susan. Tomorrow is Valentines Day and the day that this little girl makes her trip to the vet to be spayed, vaccinated and microchipped, leaving the shelter behind and going home with Susan. Needless to say Susan is very excited, and I am too for her. The difference in her already this pup has made is refreshing. They will be wonderful therapy for each other. a surprise I decided to make up a couple of tags with a couple of photos I managed to get Susan to take of her last week. lol Using an upcoming kit of mine called "Show the Wuv". A freebie sampler of the kit is available for download on my blog (through The Goodie Train). Anyhow, Susan LOVES the tags, and it is wonderful to see this pup looking so happy, as opposed to the first photos taken of the quiet timid little girl she was at first.

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