Monday, 14 February 2011

Happy Valentines Day!!


Happy Valentines Day!

And as a special gift for you, my fans, I have put together what was going to be a "little" freebie that turned out to be a decent-sized one. lol I'm sure you won't be disappointed as it is packed-full with loads of goodies for all your tagging needs. I hope you enjoy it and please, a little LOVE goes a long way. I love to read your comments.

Click on my preview to download
Password: thanks

**Please Note:
I have been wary about offering freebies as it has come to my attention my generosity is being abused and my products are then being uploaded to other sites and shared directly through groups. You MUST direct people to my blog to download the freebie NOT share it. If I find my freebies are being shared I will be forced to limit their availablity and remove them. It only takes one person to do this that makes it bad for everybody else. Please respect us as Designers and our work. Thank you.

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  1. This is so cute! Thank you for sharing!

    Happy Valentines Day! :)