Tuesday, 30 November 2010

New PTU Kit Sunburnt Christmas


I love a Sunburnt Christmas
The heat admist the cheer
Air cons working overtime
and no snow to be seen here -
I love the sunshine greeting
that wakes us at first light
And shines until the Southern Cross
envelops us at night.

Yes, Christmas in Australia is not the same as most know Christmas to be. To most, the thought of celebrating in summer just doesn't seem right as we can't imagine keeping warm by the fire and having snow fall outside our windows. lol Think a lavish 4th of July with a Christmas tree. lol

This kit is a touch of all things Christmas with a traditional Aussie flavour, though a Surfin' Santa didn't make it into this one. lol But our national floral emblem can be seen throughout - the beautiful yellow wattle flower.

So sit back and relax by the barbie for Christmas beneath the Southern Cross.

18 Papers
110 Elements

Personal Use Only

Available in stores NOW!

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