Friday, 1 October 2010

Two New Awareness Kits


This kit was a special request from a very special friend of mine who had was on the brink of death last year unless she had a liver transplant, which she finally had the day before my birthday. She told me earlier that day there was a chance the transplant may take place that day but they would have to run tests on the liver first. I told her no matter what time it is you text me and let me know the results. And sure enough...about 3am that morning she text me to say it was a go ahead. And life has been so much better for her since.

The road to recovery after a transplant is long, and as a result she has also ended up with an allergy to sulphur and also has a very rare skin condition called Steven-Johnsons Syndrome (they think there is a possibility the donor may have had it) but she doesn't care. She is alive and that's all that matters.

So this kit is for her - for Linda - a very special and courageous woman.

18 Papers
80 Elements

Personal Use Only

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There are so many Awareness and Causes around today that some just blend into the background while the more well-known and highly publicised ones take the spotlight. And whilst they are each in their own right special and worthy of recognition so many go without...leaving many people asking "What's that?"

This kit is a cute and cuddly recognition of all the Thyroid Disease sufferers around the world, particularly Graves' Disease from which I suffer. I was diagnosed 10 years ago after a massive drop in weight which we had put down to stress of which were under a tremendous amount of at the time. So when I dropped 25 kg in just under 10 days stress was thought to be the cause. However after a noticing a large protrusion from my neck (like I had the mumps) I was referred to an endichronologist who took some bloods and diagnosed me with Graves' Disease.

Graves' is not a highly known condition however there is no cure. As the leading cause of hyperthyroidism (over-active thyroid) one can only treat the ongoing symptoms and should one read about them you may well be surprised. It can be debilitating in the fact it can be very exhausting due to it being an auto-immune condition, though how it is aquired isn't entirely clear but it is thought to be linked with other childhood illness such as glandular fever (which I had as a child).

Anyway, I wanted to do something in recognition of this lesser known Cause and hope you find comfort in it calming colours and gorgeous elements.

15 Papers
93 Elements

Personal Use Only

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