Saturday, 29 May 2010

Three Twilight Overlay Sets - CU OK

8 Twilight-inspired overlays for your personal use kits
300 dpi
JPG format
Tagger size only (800 x 800)

4 Team Edward overlays for your personal use kits
300 dpi
JPG format
Tagger size only (800 x 800)

4 Team Jacob overlays for your personal use kits
300 dpi
JPG format
Tagger size only (800 x 800)

Memorial Weekend Sales

$1 @ TKO Scraps

50% off storwide @ Scrappin Bratz

Other Sales:
$1 @ Just 4 Taggers
$1 @ Stargazer Scraps
40% off at Twilight Scraps
50% off at Aussie Scraps

Friday, 28 May 2010

New Moon Edward Cullen Tutorial by Stormy

(click image for tutorial)

Stormy from Scrappin Bratz wrote this awesome tutorial featuring my favourite vampire and using my "Prelude to New Moon" kit. I so love it, sweetie! Thank you. Go Cullens!! lol

Rose Garden Tutorial by Mami plus FREEBIE!

(click image for tutorial)

Mami from our CT has written this gorgeous tutorial using my "Rose Garden" kit. It is simply delightful! Thank you Mami!!

She has also created an IM stat for those who use IM.
Just click on the preview to download

A Dream is a Wish Tutorial by Aimee

(click image for tutorial)

Aimee from our CT has written this delightful tutorial featuring my "Lindarella" kit, and included a bonus tag! Thank you Aimee - they are gorgeous!

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

The Twilight Train is Coming!

The Twilight Train comes to town in June and hosted by The Brat Pack!
Will YOU be aboard??

Are you Team Edward, Team Jacob or Team Undecided?
Do you run with vampires or werewolves?

Whatever your "Team" or even if you don't have one, come and join us in the fun!!

Eclipse of the Heart

Due date: 12th June
Train departs: 15th June

You may make whatever you wish within the realms of the theme - whether it be Twilight or whatever - it is completely up to you what you make of it and where ever the theme leads you.

For more info...check out the Brat Pack blog!!

New Moon Jacob Black Tutorial by Stormy

(click image for tutorial)

Stormy from Scrappin Bratz has written this awesome tutorial featuring my "Prelude to New Moon" kit. Although I run with vampires

Sunday, 23 May 2010

And Finally....."Susarella"!



Like her two sisters before her, Susarella is a romantic at heart awaiting her Prince Charming...and in this fairytale world - he really does exist. Caught within a magical dream Susarella finds herself in a beautiful castle filled with the things she loves - vintage things from days of old, ornate furnishings and clocks - lots and lots of clocks. Susarella loves clocks. And yet she must be careful...because once they all strike midnight, her coach will turn back into a pumpkin and her beautiful ball gown will be rags once again, as she wakes from her fairytale dream to the realities of everyday day life.

Until then, Susarella will enjoy her dream.

25 Papers
110 Elements

Personal Use only

Available in stores NOW!

Friday, 21 May 2010

Introducing... "Lindarella" (a Cinderella Story)



Like Stinarella before her, Lindarella is wrapped up within a beautiful world of dreams, music and romance. While not being one for fairytales as such, Lindarella does appreciate beauty and that which is around her in the form of the little things. Yet she is a pure romantic at heart and finds herself at the ball about to be swept off her feet by her very own Prince Charming.

In shades of pink - her favourite colour - "Lindarella" is a must have for your Cinderella collection!

30 Papers
118 Elements

Personal Use Only

Available in stores NOW

Drift Away Tutorial by Maggie

(click image for tutorial)

Maggie from Aussie Scraps wrote this tutorial using my part of the "Rainbow Bridge" collaboration I did with Tootypup Scraps. This shows a somewhat different aspect to this gorgeous kit. Thank you Maggie.

Sexy B Tutorial by Aimee

(click image for tutorial)

Aimee has written this lovely tutorial featuring my "Wisteria Lane" kit, and using one of the tubes she received as gift from Tooty and I for being the most active CT member last month. WTG, Aimee!
She also made an extra tag using one of my favourite artists, Jamie Kidd.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Introducing... "Stinarella" (a Cinderella story)



A fairytale world of dreams, music, magic and romance with delightful shades of cobalt and pale blues - my favourite colour. The fairy godmother has transformed Stina into a beautiful young "cinderella" ready for the ball, where a handsome young prince awaits her. But in a twist to the normal fairytale, this dream-like world of Stina's has a different kind of prince - one that she must kiss to dazzle her and becomes her Prince Charming. In a world where dreams come true.

If you are a romantic at heart then you will love "Stinarella" - the first in the new Cinderella series about love and romance and dreams coming true.

28 Papers
152 Elements

Personal Use Only

Available in all stores NOW!

New Exclusive Kit "Along the Grapevine" @ Twilight Scraps


There's a faery in this garden hiding along the grapevines and sampling the delicious fruit. If you're lucky you may even spot her coming out to play as she dances along the vines with the butterflies and bees in the sunlight....and if she's feeling daring enough she may even stop by your table and share in the vineyard's delights with you. But watch out or she may pinch your food!

20 Papers
96 Elements

Personal Use Only


New Exclusive Kit "Floral Surprise" @ Just 4 Taggers


It's Springtime in the garden and fragrant scents abound from the vast array of beautiful flowers that surround you. From Tulips and daffodils to roses and daisies, everything has awoken from the chill of winter and now basks in the beautiful warm sun. Take a stroll through this garden and be enthralled by its sheer beauty...and be thankful that you can.

20 Papers
83 Elements

Personal Use Only


Rockin' with Rac Tutorial by Kaci

(click image for tutorial)

Kaci, from our CT, has written this awesome tutorial using my "Addicted to Rac" kit, which is available exclusively to Just 4 Taggers. Thank you Kaci!!

Spotlight Designer @ Just for Taggers

I'm Spotlight Designer at Just 4 Taggers from 15th May and until 31st May my entire store is $1! So hurry and take advantage of this special deal!

Twilight Scraps 1st Birthday - 50% Off

Save 50% off my entire store!!

It's Twilight Scraps' 1st birthday and YOU get the gifts
Join us for STOREWIDE sales and be in the running for Lucky Door prizes and be sure to pick up the CU Grab Bag!!

But hurry....only available till 2nd May!!

Monday, 17 May 2010

A Lil Miss Mayhem by Aimee

(click image for tutorial)

Aimee, from our CT, wrote this darling tutorial using my latest kit "Lil Miss May-hem". It is totally delightful and rocks with attitude!
Aimee also created an extra tag using a different colour from the kit!! In doing so she has shown the versatility of the kit. Thank you, Aimee!

Team Edward Tag and Stat by Karen

Karen, from Dazzled Dreams, created a tag and stat using WitchyHeart's tutorial featuring my FTU kit "New Moon". Thanks Karen - this is gorgeous!! Team Edward forever!!

I don't have IM so I couldn't preview the stat as it would appear in IM, but this is what it looks like (below). If you like it, you can receive Karen's awesome stats in her group

Saturday, 15 May 2010

New PTU Kit "Lil Miss May-hem" plus FREEBIE


She's cute, she's wild and she is total mayhem!

A bright fun kit all about attitude and the delights of Lil Miss May-hem. This little miss is anything but an angel but butter wouldn't melt in her mouth. Jam-packed full of everything you could possibly think of it really is complete mayhem!

So kick off those boots and relive the wild child in you with "Lil Miss May-hem"'s a ride you will never forget!

30 Papers
146 Elements

Personal Use Only

Available in stores NOW!

And as some of you may have seen I have a freebie Add-On for this kit as part of the BNB Train this month.

Click my preview to download

Somewhere Over the Rainbow Tutorial by Julie

(click image for tutorial)

Tutorials, tags or layouts featuring my angel baby Sheba always make me mist up. *smiles* Here she is showcased at Rainbow Bridge using my part of the collaboration with Tootypup of the same name as precious and as happy as she always was.
Thank you Julie for a lovely tag and tutorial.

Rose Garden Tutorial by Shani

(click image for tutorial)

Shani wrote this gorgeous tutorial using my "Rose Garden" kit. Thank you Shani!!

A Tag and Layout by Becky

Becky from Scrappin Bratz made this lovely tag using my "A Touch of Paradise" kit. She also made a gorgeous layout which you can click on to download (at the bottom of this post).

Please note there is an error in the spelling and URL for Medievil Creations - you can Medi here:

Layout with photo

Click to download

This month is total May-hem!! FREEBIE!!

This month is total May-hem with the BNB Train complete with total attitude just for you! My part is a gorgeous Add-On to my upcoming kit "Lil Miss May-hem"! But it is truly a delightful train and we hope you enjoy your ride aboard us.

Don't forget to leave us all some love if you download as we love reading your comments.

Click my preview to download
Password: mayhem

A Seasons in the Sun FREEBIE!!

We had joy we had fun we had seasons in the sun
But the wine and the song like the seasons have all gone....

It's summertime in Brat Pack-ville (for some and this month we are enjoying the sun, sand and surf....and of course, summer! There are tons of summer treats to be had just for jump aboard and enjoy the ride!

Please be aware that everyone is in different timezones so their parts may not yet be up. Just continue the ride and stop back later. And don't forget to leave us a little love if you do download....we love reading your comments. *s*

Now onto the rest of the train...toot toot!! *g*

Now available for purchase in my stores!

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Get Ready to board the Brat Pack Train!

Departing MIDNIGHT 15th May

For Laughs...

Totally unrelated to scrapping but I so had to share! LOL I'm a huge Garfield fan, and love him to bits. The cat doesn't just have attitude - he is the definitive of CAT-itude! lol

Domestic Violence Awareness Tutorials by Aimee

(click image for tutorial)

Aimee has written not one but TWO wonderful tutorials using my "I'm a Survivor" kit (for Domestic Violence Awareness). Thank you Aimee, for these wonderful tuts and tags for such an honourable cause. We will NOT be silent!

(click image for tutorial)

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Leaving Sale @ Stargazer Scraps

(ad made using my "Twi-Night" kit)

Everything $1 till 31st May!!

New CU Heart Flower and Dove Templates


1 Heart Flower Template and 1 Dove Template to colourise, add patterns or styles to to your liking in your Personal Use kits
Commercial Use OK
300 DPI
Credit is appreciated

3 Heart Flowers
1 x PSP format
1 x PSD format
1 x Sample

3 Doves
1 x PSP format
1 x PSD format
1 x Sample

Available in store and on sale NOW!

New Rainbow Bridge Tutorials

(click image for tutorial)

Beth is the first one to tut our "Rainbow Bridge" collab kit and instead of posting just mine I am posting the one with Tooty's as well. This one above is made with my part, the focus on my Angel Sheba crossing the Bridge. *sniff*

And below we have the tutorial using Tooty's part of the collab.

(click image for tutorial)

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

New Tutorials by Aimee

(click image for tutorial)

Aimee is a busy little bee again, as she surprised me with a bonus tutorial featuring my "Lilies of the Valley Add On". Which was already after presenting me with the tutorial below.

(click image for tutorial)

This tutorial from Aimee is using my "Sunflower Smiles" kit. I love Sunflowers...they are such a bright and happy flower. Thank you Aimee.
She also sent a bonus tag made from the kit as well.